Zašto i kako javna povijest može pomoći u dokumentiranju života i iskustava ljudi tijekom pandemije COVID-19, možete saznati u live online diskusiji „Sharing is caring!“ – The German coronarchiv project 2020 koja će se održati u srijedu, 20. svibnja od 21h do 23h po srednjoeuropskom ljetnom vremenu.

Što kažu organizatori projekta?

On March 25 2020 the Universities of Hamburg (UHH), Bochum (RUB) and Gießen (JLU/GCSC), in a joint effort to react to the Covid19 pandemic outbreak in Europe, launched the coronarchiv project website ( as a crowd sourcing platform to collect everyday traces and sources from Covid19 experiences all over Germany and beyond.

By providing a container tool to extend traceability of every day experiences and to preserve tracks of the groundbreaking societal and political reactions which intervene deeply in many people’s lives, the project hopes to equip and inform future historiographies with often unpreserved individual experiences and perspectives.

The Omeka S powered platform gained momentum during the German lockdown period in April and was supported by an unexpected broad and lasting news coverage in regional and national radio and television news. The ongoing news coverage pushed the number of collected objects way over 1200 within only six weeks operation time.

In this IFPH event, the project team will present the coronarchiv project and platform, show some examples from our contributions and give insights to the accompanying social media activities.


1. The coronarchiv – How did this happen? (Prof. Dr. Christian Bunnenberg, RUB)

2. What is the coronarchiv? (Prof. Dr. Thorsten Logge, UHH)

3. Moderation and Examples from the coronarchiv (Benjamin Roers, M. A., JLU/GCSC)

4. How to engage with old and new media (Nils Steffen, M. A., UHH)

5. Q&A (Moderated by Prof. Dr. Thomas Cauvin)

You will receive the WebEx link prior to the event.

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